Purchase of land – construction plot for a mortgage

If you dream about your own home, you should start by buying a plot. If we do not have our own funds for it, we can try to finance it with a mortgage. How to do it?

Loan for a construction plot


Loans for a construction plot do not differ much from a housing loan. A person applying for such a loan will have to meet similar conditions and requirements as in the case of a standard loan. Having a high credit rating, you can immediately take out a loan that will cover the costs of buying a plot and building a house, of course with the necessary 20% own contribution. The bank’s requirement will be to provide some collateral for loan repayment, which is why the loan for a plot will take the form of a mortgage.

A mortgage is a right limited by property law, which is due to the mortgage creditor – in other words to the bank. That is why it is a good security for the bank, because if the debtor does not pay the loan, the bank can enforce liabilities from the property.

Own contribution

The current recommendation of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority indicates that persons applying for a mortgage for the purchase of a construction plot are required to pay at least 20% of their own contribution. You can apply for a lower amount (10%), but in this case the remaining 10% must be secured by special insurance for missing own contributions. The higher the customer’s own deposit, the more favorable the loan is to the bank and can offer attractive loan terms.

Necessary documents for the loan application

Necessary documents for the loan application

  • Plot status, which determines whether it is a construction, agricultural, recreational plot, etc.
  • decision on building and land development conditions or a certificate of intended use in the current spatial development plan
  • an excerpt and an excerpt from the land register, which can be obtained at the City or Commune Office
  • notarial deed confirming the seller’s property right
  • excerpt from the land and mortgage register
  • if the plot has been separated from another, a subdivision decision should be provided
  • preliminary purchase agreement and a copy of the cadastral map
  • a document confirming own contribution

Other important personal and financial documents that the bank requires 

Other important personal and financial documents that the bank requires 

  • complete application for a mortgage with all attachments
  • ID card and second document confirming the identity of the applicant or applicants
  • shortened copy of the marriage certificate (in the case when a marriage is applying for a loan with a statutory property community)
  • employment and income certificate
  • full bank statement on which your salary influences
  • tax return for the previous year

If you run your own business or receive a pension, the bank will ask you for additional documents regarding your income, legal status or not being in arrears with fees and contributions. After completing all formalities, you should wait for the funds to be released, but usually this process does not take more than a month.

When will I receive the full loan amount? Company overview

We have already got used to the fact that most loan companies grant free payday loans and if we have not used the services of a specific company yet, we can count on all costs being written off. Although very beneficial, however, such loans are subject to certain restrictions, especially when it comes to the amount of the loan granted, and a new customer can rarely count on a full amount loan. Interestingly, the policy of gradually increasing the loan applies not only to payday loans, but also installment loans. The assumption is that in order to borrow really high amounts, you should focus on longer cooperation with one non-bank institution.

Why don’t I get the full amount in my first loan?

money cash

A new customer is unknown to the loan company. It has not yet been tested in practice, and the lending institution cannot carry out a full projection of debt repayment and risk analysis – it simply does not have enough data. Not wanting to get rid of potential customers, but at the same time wanting to reduce potential losses, he decides to grant a lower, “test” amount. In return, it offers a free payday loan, the main purpose of which is to familiarize the client with loans, get him to return and take another paid loan. On the other hand, compensation for the costs incurred will be the option of borrowing a larger amount.

However, company policy varies. Some institutions will borrow the full amount the first time, others the second time, and some of them – only the fifth or sixth time!

Where can I borrow the full amount already in the first loan?

money cash

The full amount of the loan with a payday loan is extremely rare, actually the only payday loan company that shows full confidence in its customers is Fast Cash, where you can borrow up to 6,000 USD and give back within 60 days. The reward for regular customers is not a higher loan amount but a longer repayment period of 65 days.

Much more often the full amount in the first loan relates to installment loans, which, unfortunately, are always paid (possibly, some companies may write off costs on the first installment). It should be remembered, however, that such high loan amounts are not granted simply because they are available. The applicant’s creditworthiness is of utmost importance and the final loan amount depends on it.

Non-payment of the loan cancels the chance for another one

money cash

This obviously applies to a situation in which the borrower would like to take another loan in the same company. It is not forbidden to apply to another non-bank institution and there is a probability that the loan will be granted there. Loans without BIK or loans for indebted people have been operating on the market for a long time, which you can count on those in arrears with repayment in other companies. It may not be a reasonable solution, but often borrowers see it as the only way out of the situation.

Most loan companies, however, assume that one unpaid loan causes problems with paying off another. Failure to grant another loan therefore protects against the debt spiral and supports the borrower’s responsible attitude. On the other hand, non-bank institutions limit the risk of losing more cash.

Be unfaithful to your bank and take advantage of it

The range of banks and other financial players is constantly increasing and for those who need a certain service, it is no longer just the big commercial banks that are the alternatives.

In fact, it is possible to opt out of the major banks altogether, and there are great advantages in widening the perspective somewhat.

There are no exact figures on how many exposures


Salary accounts, mortgages or savings accounts, which the average customer has spread to different banks, but recent data from the Swedish Quality Index indicates that about half of the private customers in Sweden have the involvement of at least two financial players. Thus, at least 50% of Swedes are unfaithful to the concept of putting all commitments in a bank.

Why spread the engagement?


Not all banks can be the best at everything, and why settle for a less good service? One bank may offer the most favorable mortgage rates for your finances and housing situation, while another may offer the highest savings rates. One player can offer you the best credit card for you, while another provides the lowest share brokerage prices. By putting together your own bouquet of services from different players, you can save both interest and fees, get more return on your savings and investments and get a more tailor-made payment solution on credit.

But, is it not a little more complicated to keep order on many different counterparties instead of having the entire economy pooled with one player? It may be so, but what you can probably save by weight is the extra trouble.

A new bank for each service?

A new bank for each service?

The arguments above are in principle universally valid. The majority can, by spreading loans and credits, savings and investments between various banks and other financial players, get a significantly cheaper and also more tailored collection of financial services. However, this may not mean that you must / should choose a new entrant for each service. However, for some of the most common commitments, you should carefully consider whether or not to opt out of major banks. It is about savings in savings account, investments in shares and funds as well as bank loans.

  • You probably know that the big banks have long since offered no interest whatsoever on accounts with free withdrawals. However, many niche banks offer interest rates of up to 1%. Thus, there is no reason to have savings at the major banks.
  • When it comes to investments in securities such as equities and mutual funds, the big banks leave much to be desired and it is wise to choose a more specialized online broker. Fees are lower and the range of investment opportunities is greater.
  • If you need to take out a private loan, the big bank can be the natural choice, although only if you need to borrow more than SEK 20,000 and you have a relatively good economy. If you need to borrow less than that and / or have a slightly worse economy, you can not at all apply for a loan from the bank.

Quick Loans Online Just Apply – Payday Loan Online No Credit Check

Many banking institutions and financial organizations have a complicated process for the approval of their loan and credit services. However, now there are also other options such as quick loans without payroll in which so many requirements are not necessary and obtaining that much desired loan becomes much easier.

Payday Loans Online Approvals in 24 hours No Credit Check

Loans without payroll

Getting loans without payroll is within your reach, it is a new way, totally legitimate and with many advantages, compared to applying for a loan in a traditional financial institution. We have all had to go through this complicated process of reaching a banking organization, making a long line so that after intense scrutiny begins on their personal, economic life, among other requirements that not everyone is willing to perform.

Online loans without payroll and quick loans without payroll

Online loans without payroll and quick loans without payroll

The purpose of our entity is to provide these loans online without payroll and to save the user the long and annoying process of personal and financial scrutiny, without this meaning that organizations that offer quick loans without payroll do not have their own requirements, the advantage is that They are much more accessible. The idea is to offer an option in which the client can choose the most convenient installments, depending on their financial situation and the other variables such as the amount.

Loans without payroll or endorsement only DNI

Loans without payroll or endorsement only DNI

One thing that can really benefit you is loans without payroll or endorsement, only DNI. Many banking organizations need their clients to have the guarantee of a guarantee. But what is a guarantee? We refer to an endorsement when a third person, that is, someone other than the individual who contracts the debt, agrees to pay said debt if for any reason that person who contracted the debt can not take charge of it.

Loans without payroll or endorsement

Loans without payroll or endorsement

It is important to say that not all banking entities are equal and that in these times of digital advances and technology that are advancing exponentially, some options such as loans without payroll or endorsement become very attractive.

Personal loans without payroll

Personal loans without payroll

The only thing you should do to receive your personal loans without a payroll is to provide us with some basic information such as the amount you require and the amount of installments in which you plan to pay. It is an economic alternative that can be very good for both your company and your life and will have a formidable quotas.

Loans without payroll and without endorsement

Loans without payroll and without endorsement

Then decide for the services that we offer, among which are also the loans without payroll and without endorsement. Enter our website and get in touch with one of our experts in online financing. They will clarify all the doubts and explain to you in all the necessary ways, the advantages of our services.

Fast loans without payroll and properties

Fast loans without payroll and properties

In this entity, asking for loans without payroll and property does not have to be that difficult situation that we all want to avoid. All you have to do is enter our website and request, through a digital form, your loan.

Loans without endorsement and without payroll, loans without endorsement or payroll

Loans without endorsement and without payroll, loans without endorsement or payroll

The entire loan application process without endorsement and without payroll can be carried out online. For many potential clients, getting an endorsement can be difficult and for this reason, these types of loan alternatives are now available without endorsement or payroll, which add more and more followers.

A Loan for 15 Thousand

Bank loan is a very common way to finance many needs, but also whims. At present, it is quite easy to get loans for lower amounts, for example up to PLN 20,000. Increasingly, it happens that you can choose between a bank loan and a non-bank loan for such a high amount. So where is it worth to borrow money?

Advantages and disadvantages of the loan in the bank

Advantages and disadvantages of the loan in the bank

Unfortunately, banks have disadvantages in addition to many advantages. The biggest one is the restrictive checking of each client. In practice, this means that when going to the bank with the desire to take out a loan, you must have a document confirming the amount and continuity of income in order to verify your creditworthiness. In the bank you also have to give so-called costs of living, although some banks have a fixed amount and impose it on the calculation in advance. Of course, you also have to say about your financial obligations, for example, another loan or a non-bank loan.

However, the biggest drawback may be mandatory for the bank to check databases. Usually, banks check the so-called Bank Register and Credit Information Bureau. It also happens to check the National Debt Register. Databases like Retro store data for the last 5 years. This means that if in the last 5 years we had a problem with repayment of liabilities, the bank will see it. And that already causes immediate refusal of credit.

However, if we have never had problems with late repayment of liabilities, we can successfully get a loan. Each loan is spread over installments once a month. This is a very convenient solution. However, it is also possible to get a parabank loan for that amount.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-bank loans

Advantages and disadvantages of non-bank loans

Who uses this solution? First of all, people who do not meet the requirements set by banks. A loan application bank may reject it for various reasons, however, it is usually too low creditworthiness and too high credit risk due to negative entries in the customer profile databases.

Meanwhile, loan companies consider each application individually. This means that even people with an estimated low income or a negative entry in Retrodatabase can get a loan. Here, like at banks with high amounts, loans are spread out on installments to pay off. However, in parabank you can borrow lower amounts than in banks, and the repayment time may be shorter, which also makes the loan installments higher.

How to Solve the Problem with the Lack of Money to Repay the Installment | Consolidation

The problem with the lack of money to repay the installment is accompanied by a large number of people. Sometimes there are very urgent expenses that can not be ignored. No wonder that in such months the borrowers have problems because they do not have enough money to pay for the bank. How to solve such a problem? What do you have to do to get out of this situation? Helpful solutions can be found in today’s article, which describes this issue. Learn more at http://oryxoman.com

How important is cooperation with banks?

How to solve the problem with the lack of money to repay the installment?

Some do not take the matter seriously and pretend that there is no problem at all. However, the trouble will not disappear from this attitude. People who have a problem with the lack of money to repay the installment should therefore report this situation to a specific bank as soon as possible. Remember that institutions in this category are interested in recovering money. For them it is also an unfavorable situation. People who do not cooperate with banks and notoriously avoid paying installments, do not answer calls from bank representatives etc. have to deal with very unpleasant consequences. Money will be taken away from them anyway. If they do not have their account, then you have to reckon with the fact that the bailiff will sell a car, material goods or even occupy the apartment of a specific delinquent, etc. In addition, the person will be “burnt” in the Credit Information Office. The chance that in the future will receive any loan will be virtually zero. No other bank will want to risk that the same situation will happen again.

How to solve the problem with the lack of money to repay the installment?

How to solve the problem with the lack of money to repay the installment?

It is no wonder that such problems should be immediately reported to a specific bank. It is worth emphasizing that these institutions have certain procedures that allow solving such situations. You should be aware of this aspect. It should be emphasized that some people receive a proposal for a longer loan period. This is a really good option. Are you wondering why? You can not fail to mention that thanks to this installments are simply smaller compared to previous commitments. Of course, the total cost does not change (it is even bigger, because a specific loan is longer supported). However, it is easier to pay specific installments every month. Other solutions are deferral of repayment, repayment of only interest or consolidation loans for a certain period. Sometimes it is also useful to refinance the loan – especially in the aspect of a mortgage loan. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on cooperation with a banking institution. For sure, a person who has a problem with the lack of money to repay the installment will not be wrong.

Borrow Money Without Interest – Interest-free Loan – Zero Percent

Non-interest rate mortgages; Many SMS, mobile, fast –loan companies offer interest-free loans to new customers.

There are many players who want to lend money and by coming up with a generous offer they want to attract new customers.

Of course, borrowing without interest or fee is as favorable as it can be and if you need to fill in your wallet to cover an unexpected expense or for a spontaneous purchase, it is good to use the various offers.

Borrow without interest

Borrow without interest

  • Borrow without interest
  • Interest-free loans – 30 days
  • Interest-free
  • Loans with zero interest
  • Interest-free credit cards

Above, we have listed most of the lenders you can turn to to get a small loan without interest. There is nothing to prevent you from trying several of them if you need to borrow a larger amount of money. However, you have to be very careful to pay on time.

If you miss the payment, you can be turned off and lose the opportunity to take a small loan when you may need it.

Interest-free loans – 30 days

Interest-free loans - 30 days

The competition is fierce. There are many who want to lend money and everyone needs the new customers. It is an excellent situation for all consumers who need a cash supplement.

By becoming a new customer with one of the above lenders, you can borrow money without interest or fees for up to 30 days. A sms loan without interest is the cheapest and smartest way to get money to quickly fill in the wallet without having to ask relatives and friends for help.

It is important that you pay back the loan in time or the fees for the loan can quickly become high. The idea of ​​a loan with a free interest rate was that it would not be expensive. If you slip over with the payment, it will be added fees and the cheap loan can then suddenly become very expensive.



The charges for a mobile loan can be several. Some companies charge a fee to send an application code via SMS – this is whether you are granted a loan or not. Then the loan can have a setup fee and a handling fee. To this comes interest on the loan.

Loans with zero interest

Loans with zero interest

The largest cost of a loan is usually taken up by the interest rate, which is the compensation the lender charges for credit. The interest rate should cover any credit losses for customers who cannot repay their loan (which is quite a number of those who take SMS loans) and give profit to the creditor.

Previously, most SMSs consisted of a fixed fee, but now the cost is usually taken as interest, which is reported to the tax authority. This is a great advantage for the borrower as the interest is deductible in the declaration (30% refundable). However, this requires an income and that tax has been paid in.

Many companies offer small loans without interest to attract new customers. It is a good way to try the service and see how it works while providing access to an interest-free loan that can be used for anything.

Zero percent interest

Zero percent interest

In order to avoid all different fees and instead borrow money interest-free, you can instead turn to one of the lenders above and apply for a loan directly on their websites – if you are a new customer you can then get money for your account without it costing you a penny extra (provided you repay on time).

An agreement on a loan means that the borrower intends to repay the loan as agreed. The lender lends money for the purpose of making money from taking out an interest.

This is the normal case, but there is actually a way to take loans without interest expense – for example, by taking advantage of the interest-free period offered in a credit card or by taking a zero interest rate loan often offered to new customers of small credit.

It is possible to get a loan without interest by utilizing 0% credit card for the allowed time to then “roll” over the unpaid amount over to another credit card with 0% interest, and so on.

Risk with interest-free period

Risk with interest-free period

The risk with this method of obtaining a loan without interest is that the loan must be “moved” to a new credit card often within 30-45 days in order not to have to pay interest.

In principle, however, it is enough with two or three credit cards because the original card can be reused as soon as the credit is repaid with another card.

Experienced users of this method and experts in the field seem to agree and recommend having a “credit” that can be used to cover credit card amounts, given that the credit rate is lower than the interest rate on the credit card.

Some of the more common methods of borrowing for free are to pay the debt to the card company before the end of the billing period. This allows you to “buy now; pay later ”even though” later ”is only a few weeks to a month away.

If you need a quick loan without interest to buy something, it is best to first see if there is any trader who offers interest-free installment. This is an excellent way to get interest-free financing.

However, it is very important not to be careless with the repayment as the interest-free loan risks being converted into a regular credit to high interest rates (which of course is the whole purpose of getting a customer on the hook by attracting interest-free).

If you refuse to pay interest to the bank, it may be worth examining all these options. Loans with low or no interest can be obtained in many places, but it will require some mapping of the opportunities that exist and some effort on the part of the borrower.

Nothing is ever real free. Time spent also has a value so what is free is often simply in relation to how we personally perceive it. A good starting point can be to obtain a credit card that offers an interest-free period.

Quick Loan to the Next Salary – Advance Loan

Quick loan to the next salary?

Quick loan to the next salary?

Take a quick loan only if you know you can pay it back when you receive your salary next time . It is only to realize that economic emergencies are sometimes completely inevitable.

When you are suddenly confronted with an expense you have to cope with and need money quickly and without hassle, a sms loan can be a great way to get your nose across the water surface and clear up a temporary problem until your next salary enters the account.

Of course, quick loans can be expensive but honestly, who would lend money as quickly as otherwise?

You just need to make a quick application to get the money in your account and then you have solved your problem for the moment. Here are the most common companies that provide small quick loans; If you take a quick loan, it is something that you will pay when you receive your next salary. This is a temporary way to get money because the loan is to be repaid quickly.

The most common repayment period is 30 days, but there are also sms loans that have to be paid faster or that have a longer repayment period.

There are dozens of textbooks online and the web is actually one of the best places to look for quick loans. All you have to do is save this page as a bookmark and you will always have quick access to all the best small loans and you do not have to look for the loans that match the need you have.

SMS loans have little different conditions, it can be age limit and requirements for income that differ. You can only borrow a small deposit, a maximum of a few thousand.

Advance pay – Loans

Advance pay - Loans

  • Advance pay – Loans
  • advance loans
  • Advance on salary – payment
  • Loans with low pay

If you need an advance on your salary, you can take a quick loan.

Once you have decided on how much money you need to borrow and have checked what conditions are required and which ones you meet, it is time to make your application.

This is a very fast and painless process. You must have your personal information ready before you apply and an account number to which the money can be deposited if you are granted a loan. If you are not sure what information you need, you can easily find answers to your questions on the sms companies’ websites.

After you submit your application, you will often receive a reply after a few minutes. This is good because you don’t have to wait and worry and within a short time you will have your money deposited in your account. An instant approval of the SMS loan allows you to get back on your feet much faster!

Once you are approved as a customer and have received your money, you should once again ensure that you understand the terms you have agreed to.

If you need money now and you can’t wait until the next salary a quick SMS loan can be just what it takes to sort out the situation!

advance loans

advance loans

Today, people try to be smart with their financial planning to ensure a safe future. However, a lack of information and awareness can be an obstacle. Therefore, it is very important to update with the current and the latest developments in the banking world and in the loan, so that you can make the most of all financial progress.

Such an innovation is an advance payment with immediate payment to your bank account. The technology for borrowing money through internet-based prepayment loans has been developed to provide monetary assistance to people who go through a brave situation.

Many people cannot see the benefits of instant payouts with immediate payouts for the simple reason that they do not understand how it can be more useful if compared to any other common loan. An advantage of this type of loan, however, is that you can get sms loans with a payment note – something that hardly is accepted with other types of loans.

But many times we actually face urgent needs or circumstances that require money immediately to get the situation under control.

The scenario is getting worse when you don’t have time to arrange a solution. To get such a situation under control, so that you don’t panic, SMS loans with immediate payouts can be the only cure.

These loans have several other features to make your life easy. The biggest factor is its ability to provide fast money to the client.

Often people find that cash is more appropriate and a faster way to solve the problem instead of transferring money electronically which can take several days if you have different banks but with the new SMS loans money can be transferred within minutes.

This loan system is actually very advanced. It is a blessing for people to be able to solve their unforeseen financial situations and preferably before the expiry of the bills.

It is important to note that even the instant loans are often given for a shorter period (30 days) and that the date of repayment must be respected in order not to incur additional costs. The payment date can often not be changed and the loan must be paid punctually.

The loan can be obtained on simple terms such as any other normal loan terms. A minor cannot apply for such a loan, so one must be over the age of 18 and also have a permanent employment. You can usually borrow money with this type of loan from SEK 1000 to SEK 10,000.

Advance on salary – payment

Advance on salary - payment

An advantage of taking a loan as an advance on the salary is that you have the opportunity to get it without a credit report being taken. This is a great feature for those who do not have a good credit rating. These loans are easily available on the internet, which is of course a convenient access for the people.

You just have to surf the web, log in to the website and the details will flash on the screen. Record all important information requested and get the result in minutes. So with the incredible benefits of cash and electronic finance, these loans are one of the perfect solutions available in the market to facilitate in economically difficult times.

Loans with low pay

Loans with low pay

There are not many low-interest loans for those who have a low salary or bad credit rating. Fortunately, there are alternative lenders who can offer loans based on individual conditions.

There are definitely many simple loans, but a rule of thumb is that simpler ones are more expensive. Fast loans should only be used as a last resort. Instead, the one who has a shaky credit rating should turn to lenders who are in the layer between cheap bank loans and expensive fast loans.

They can offer acceptable conditions and also lend slightly larger amounts (up to SEK 50,000).

Basic requirements for borrowing money

– 18 years
– Swedish citizen or permanent residence permit
– Bank account

What is a low income?

The one who has a salary lower than the average has a lower normal income. Most people with low income, however, are not low income earners. The average income in Sweden is about SEK 30,000 a month and to be counted as low income, the monthly salary must be less than half the average or SEK 15,000.